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Software developer posao Tuzlanski kanton

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Iteontech d.o.o.  -  Tuzla
 ...Software Developer/Programmer required to develop and maintain web based CRM solutions – Salesforce CRM. We will provide necessary training and required certification for the candidate. SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Minimum requirements: Experience with web technologies... 
prije 8 dana
Iteontech d.o.o.  -  Tuzla
 ...knowledge and skills, if you are open for challenges – we invite you to become part of a team which has successfully built and maintained software solutions for clients outside of B&H for more than 9 years. We and our partner ECHO Technology Solutions are expecting you! (... 
prije 9 dana
 ...bvba is a Belgian company specialized in industrial robot & PLC software. Our main competences are the programming and commissioning of... In Bosnia, we plan to form a team of software developers and mechanical engineers that are switching between office work... 
prije 4 dana

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